Fitness | My Workout Routine

Happy Monday! I always try to be positive about Mondays especially as it usually means back to work. I always believe that if you have positive vibes and believe in yourself it will reflect on others around you. One of the questions I get asked most on Twitter and Instagram is 'how do you get started with Tone It Up and what workouts do you do'? So today I thought that I would share with you my current workout routine and what I am planning on doing this week.

Now it is no secret that I love Tone It Up so my workout routine is usually based around the weekly schedules K&K post up on a Sunday. Sometimes I follow it exactly and sometimes I mix it up. Just remember that the most important thing when planning your workouts is to make it work for you and your routine. That way you are less likely to give up on a new routine if it slots in perfectly to your life. So for me working out in the mornings works best, I am busy Tuesdays and Wednesdays with the horse and Thursdays I might stay a little later at work. I also like to workout first thing in the morning because it is my own little part of the day to myself. I've always been a cardio kinda girl and with the lighter mornings I find this is great for running ~ I just wish the weather would heat up a bit! I try to get in 3 cardio sessions a week and the rest is toning, strength training and yoga.

Workouts week commencing 25 March 2013 ~

2 mile HIIT run (2 minutes jog/ 1 minute level 8/ 1 minute jog/ 1 minute level 8 ~ repeat for 2 miles)
Bikini Abs ~ Beach Babe DVD
Long & Lean ~ Beach Babe DVD

Drop 10 Strength Training Moves x12 each move x3 times through
Cowabunga Total Body Toning

30 minute run

HIIT The Beach ~ Beach Babe DVD
Bikini Booty ~ Beach Babe DVD
20x Skinny Dips

Friday ~ Active Rest Day
Long & Lean ~ Beach Babe DVD
Tara Stiles Yoga ~ The Ultimate Stretch Yoga
Usually I would go spinning on a Friday night but this week I am travelling back up North for Easter :) So I thought I would use this day as a rest day. I haven't planned Saturday and Sunday as I am up home but I dare say I will get in a run with the parents at some point! I also look after my friends horse and ride him twice a week and while I am back home I will get in as much riding as I can. Making the most of the fresh Cumbrian air! 

So I hope that you find this post useful, I like to mix things up on a weekly basis so that I don't get bored and remember ~ what works for me might not work for you! If you want me to go into more detail about the HIIT runs that I do and how they benefit me let me know. If you are interested Tone It Up and SELF Magazine are currently running a Drop 10 Challenge with workouts and healthy recipes. You can sign up here ~ it's totally free and you don't need to be in the US to sign up and receive the emails. 

Let me know how your bikini body fitness regimes are going!