Birchbox UK Review & Why I Unsubscribed

recently mentioned on Twitter that I had just unsubscribed from Birchbox and I wondered if people would be interested in hearing a review and why I have unsubcribed. A few people said yes so here we are :)

As you may or may not know Birchbox launched in January this year, it was previously known as Joilebox but had a rebrand and relauch at the beginning of the year. Now I have never had a subscription box service before but being a huge blog reader I had of course read about them through other bloggers, so I had a pretty good idea of how they worked. For £10 a month (plus P&P) Birchbox would send you luxe beauty samples each month to your door along with a little magazine. 

I'm not one for reviewing boxes each month but I have reviewed a few bits and bobs on the blog that I have loved. Now I think like to think of subscription beauty boxes a bit like a packet of Revels ~ you have an idea of the kind of thing you are going to get but you are always a bit wary that you'll end up with the coffee one i.e something you don't like and won't use. My first box was great, I got the hallowed Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in a handy sample sized balm. As a lover of lip balms this was a winner out right for me! What I liked about Birchbox is I found it exciting to see what I got in my box each month, it's a surprise. I loved the Korres shower gel which I received in my second box, the offer of Korres as one of the brands they included was a huge draw for me. What I didn't like was the numerous fragrance samples, foundation which clearly was too dark for my skin tone and the soap which I got this month. I also don't like that you get a lot of unknown brands in the boxes where personally I was hoping to get to try out some brands which I have always lusted after but could never afford. 

The box picture above was by far my favourite box, even if it did contain some too dark compact foundation and a dodgy chemical filled energy powder. This one was the (I think) February box for London Fashion week ~ Korres showergel, Vichy Thermal Water, eyelash curlers and Nick Chavez Plump 'N Thick hair volumizer ~ loved all of these.   

All in all I decided to unsubscribe this month because for me the £10 a month is not worth it. That works out to be £120 over a year (plus postage!) which for what is essentially a box of for samples from (mostly) unknown brands. I would rather have a chat to one of the lovely ladies at the beauty counters in John Lewis or Debenhams to find exactly what I am looking for. The majority of beauty counters do samples if you are brave enough to ask :) I can put my £10 a month towards something I really want rather than a handful of samples which will start collecting dust in my already over flowing 'box of bits to try'. 

What do you think of Birchbox or other beauty box subscriptions? Are they worth it for you?