Nutrition | The Importance Of Food Prep

We all lead super busy lives, we work or go to school and have social lives to keep up with ~ I could go on! So often the key to eating clean and staying on track is preparation and planning. I always try to plan what meals we are going to cook for the week. Matt and I usually split the cooking 50/50 so we make sure to only buy what we need, we know what meals we are going to cook for the week. This way not only will you be more organised with your meals you won't overspend on the weekly food shop letting good food go to waste! 

If you have good healthy food ready and available you are less likely to grab something not so good for you. Take lunch for example, I used to either throw a sandwich of some kind together in a rush in the morning before setting off to work or grab something there. Now although we are lucky at work in that we have a big canteen often the choices are heavy pasta dishes or pre packed sandwiches ~ neither of which are particularly great. Now I prep lunch the night before making up fresh salads, carrot sticks to go with hummus or simple wraps. Another great thing for lunches is leftovers ~ when I make up a big batch of chilli the leftovers make an excellent choice for lunch. 

For quick and easy breakfasts Overnight Oats is a favourite of mine. I also love simple Greek yoghurt with fruit and my home made granola. Granola is a super easy to make and great to keep on the side ready to throw in with some yoghurt, it makes a great snack. If you make your own you know exactly what goes into it, unlike some shop bought granolas which can be laden with sugar. 

If you are out and about during the day make sure to keep a couple of bars in your bag in case hunger strikes and you are tempted to pick up some chocolate. I love Nakd Bars for on the go. I also pack my Water Bobble as you can refill this anywhere ~ you won't find yourself dehydrated and it's great for the environment too. 

I hope that this post helps you if you are new to clean eating and finding it hard to fit it into your lifestyle. All it takes is a little organisation and preparation! 

Additional images: tumblr