Fitness // 25 Days Until My Birthday ~ Fitness Plan

Phew, that's a bit of a long winded title but you get the idea! It is officially 25 days until my birthday on September the 1st and it also marks about a year since I started following Tone It Up and finally made my health and fitness a priority in my life. I can't believe how far my health and fitness has come since that Tuesday morning where I dragged myself out of bed 30 minutes earlier than normal and got my sweat on! I am a dress size smaller, a UK size 8 (US size 4) and down to my lowest weight since the age of 24 at 8 stone 10 pounds! I rarely weigh myself as I tend to go on measurements but you can imagine how shocked I was to see that number on the scale this week. Weight can of course vary depending on the time of the month and even the time of day so I am much more focused on how my clothes are fitting :) So in celebration of my birthday I am going to really focus on my fitness, my nutrition and being in the best shape I can be by the time my birthday rolls around. 

Nutrition wise I am going to focus on making sure to drink a green smoothie daily for one meal. At the moment I find this easier to incorporate into Meal 1 ~ breakfast ~ as the smoothie is fresh and cool rather than it getting slightly warm at work. Unfortunately we don't have access to a fridge at work so I find it hard to keep things cool. I am also going to focus on eating complex carbohydrates to keep my energy up, lots of fruit and vegetables and over all keeping things as clean as possible. 

  • Daily green smoothies
  • Complex carbs
  • Whole fruits and vegetables
  • Clean, home made meals
  • Limit coffee intake ~ hot lemon water, cinnamon tea & green tea as alternatives

I will be sharing my green smoothie recipes on a Friday with you so you can see what I put into them and the benefits these ingredients have. It's always fun to share new recipes!

My fitness is always pretty much on track so I am going to focus on maintaining this with the following workouts weekly:

  • Running at least two days a week between 2 and 5 miles
  • Spin class once a week
  • Yoga class once as week ~ as long as I can make the Sunday morning one, if not I will be doing this at home.
  • Tone It Up DVD toning and HIIT workouts throughout the week as per the weekly schedule posted on
  • Remember to stretch and/ or yoga poses after cardio ~ long and lean muscles! 

Here is my fitness schedule for this week to give you an idea of how I am incorporating these workouts into my week:

Monday ~ Rest day
Tuesday ~ 5k morning run
Wednesday ~ HIIT The Beach 2 (Beach Babe DVD) & Sleek & Slender Abs x3
Thursday ~ 5k morning run & Sunrise Routine (Beach Babe DVD)
Friday ~ AM: Sunkissed Abs & Yoga Babe morning yoga 
            PM: Spin class 6pm
Saturday ~ Beach Babe DVD... I'll see which workout I'm in the mood for!
Sunday ~ Yoga class 9am

I will also be going horse riding on Wednesday and Thursday evenings this week :)

Let me know what your health and fitness aims are for this week! If you want to join me and follow along I will be posting daily check ins on instagram ~ @jaynebecca