Life // Staying Positive & How I Deal With Negativity

I thought that today I would write about something a little bit different. Over the past six months or so I have really focused in being more positive in all aspects of my life. I have really noticed a difference in my attitude towards work, family, relationships and myself. Now life is there to challenge us, it can throw all sorts of curve balls at us but it is how we deal with these things that often matters the most. 

Positive Self Talk 

Most of us are in a constant mental chatter with ourselves and unfortunately quite often this self talk is negative. 'I'm not slim enough', 'I'm not pretty enough', 'I can't do this' are a few things that I often used to think to myself. We need to let this go, we need to think to ourselves that we are good enough. Our thoughts inspire actions and by thinking positively it allows you and inspires you to take actions towards your aspirations and dreams. Any time you find yourself thinking 'I can't' challenge yourself to think 'Why can't I?' ~ if you want to be successful in business, in spirit, in fitness you need to start saying 'I CAN!' a lot more. 

Do one thing every day that scares you

This doesn't mean to say that you need to go diving off cliffs on a daily basis but sometimes it can be as simple as pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Run a little bit further in your workout, take a new fitness class, say 'I'll give it a go' to a new task at work. Allow yourself to be a little bit uncomfortable ~ it will make you stronger as a person. 

Have patience with the people around you

Sometimes in life we encounter negative people and unfortunately their negativity can bring the other people around them down ~ let any negativity drizzle off you like rain. Personally I like to use my time in the morning to set my intentions for the day, breathe out any negativity, calm my mind and set a positive mantra. It may sound silly at first but trust me in that this works. I find that running clears my head and keeps me grounded. 

One thing I used to find difficult to deal with was negative people, I would take too much of what they said to heart. Just remember that if people are gossiping it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with themselves. Let it go, let it wash over you ~ see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Speaking negatively of others is often a consequence of insufficient self confidence. These kind of people have no place in your life and if you must speak to them be friendly, light and positive. Let your heart shine through. 

Be grateful

Often in this modern culture of consumerism we are so focused on things that we 'need' and 'want' that we something forget to be grateful for the things we have. Remember to take a step back from your busy life and be grateful on a daily basis ~ today I am grateful for my boyfriend, my health and my little house that I call my own :)