Coffee Table Books // Lauren Conrad - Style & Beauty

It's Monday again! Happy Monday :) It is officially one week until my holiday to Malta and if you hadn't guessed I am a little bit excited! I just can't wait to trade the hustle and bustle of work into some sunshine and relaxation.
The Lauren Conrad Style and Beauty books are what I would call 'coffee table books'. They are pretty enough to put on display around the house. Eventually these will be placed decoratively a bookshelf it the spare bedroom but until then I keep them either in my bookcase or on my bedside table.
These books don't contain any ground breaking information but if you are a huge LC fan like myself then you'll love them! That is, if you don't own them already. They do however contain some great tips and ideas such as a little black dress 5 ways and there is a section in the beauty book on how to get your hair to grow faster.
The thing I love most about Lauren is that she has a simple, sophisticated, signature look. One which I am always striving to achieve!
What are your favourite coffee table books?
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