Fitness // Malta Bikini Bootcamp Week 2

Happy Friday! It's Bikini Bootcamp update time! This past week has been so busy and most days I'm not getting home until after 7:30pm due to having Matlock to look after as well. Matlock is the horse I ride by the way if you didn't already know! So it's all been quite tiring but I haven't missed a workout so because of this I thought that I would let you know my tips for fitting your workouts in even when life gets busy!

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Fit Tips #1

  • Wake up an hour earlier than usual to fit in a workout before your day starts. This is by far the tip which I think really works. If you workout in the morning not only will you have more energy, stretch out your muscles and feel great but you'll burn more calories throughout the day by boosting your metabolism.
  • Lay out your workout clothes the night before. This way you can get dressed straight into them and GET GOING!
  • Short on time? HIIT it! HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts are great for when you are short on time. The interval training helps to burn more calories and get you fitter quicker. My personal favourites are HIIT The Beach from the Beach Babe DVD and the YogaBabe HIIT workout.

  • 100 crunches per day. Just do it ~ fit them in. You can do them all at once or fit them in throughout the day, it doesn't matter, just get them done! 
  • Last but not least, make sure that you drink plenty of water and get lots of sleep. I find that I function best on around 7 hours of sleep but you may find you need more or less than me. 
I also made a little order this week and it came in on Wednesday. Nothing like a new bikini and a cute swing dress to keep me motivated. I can't wait to rock this bikini on the beach! 
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Goals for this week ~
  • Make sure to drink my hot lemon water daily. Where I haven't been having my hot lemon water I have been drinking a Bombshell Spell but I'm going to make an effort to drink my lemon water, if I don't drink it in the morning I will be sure to drink it in the evening. 
  • Go to yoga class. The classes get book up really quickly so I am going to make sure I get a place in Sunday's class on the 22nd. Although I practice at home it's always good to attend a class so the instructor can give you tips and adjustments. 
What are your favourite tips for fitting your workouts in?