Fitness // Yoga ~ Where Do I Begin?

If you have never been to a yoga class before it can be a bit intimidating. I know that's how I felt before I started practising yoga on a regular basis. I just didn't know what to expect or what the correct etiquette. One of the questions I often wondered was - how and where do I begin with yoga? It is also one of the questions I get asked the most.

One of the best places to start is with a local beginners yoga class. My leisure centre does great classes which only cost £5.25. This is a great starting point because not only will you go through all the basics but you will have an instructor there to give you adjustments and answer any questions you might have. Make sure to show up early to class and introduce yourself to the instructor.

What to wear? I suggest form fitting clothing such as long or cropped yoga pants ~ H&M do a great range for not a lot of money. I wear a sports bra and a tank top. You will get a little sweaty so a towel and a filled water bottle are also useful. Also make sure that your hair is tied back from your face.

I like to practice yoga at least 5 days a week so a lot of that is done at home. A great place to start for at home yoga workouts is YogaBabe Life, her routines are well explained and easy to follow. They are also fun! Another useful tool for me is the Yogify app, it is a studio quality yoga app with classes to suit all abilities.

Don't forget ~ yoga is for everyone! Take Ryan Giggs for example, he is a footballer who puts down his long football career to practising yoga. Flexible people don't practice yoga, people practice yoga to become flexible. 

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Images: Nina Dobrev practising yoga, photos from Pinterest, edited by me.