Guest Post // Fitness, Ruts & Beauty Treats

Hi everyone, my name is Donáh, I live in Cardiff & like Jayne I am a fellow Tone It Up member, and proud #TIUsister. I have been toying with the idea of setting up my own blog for a while but have (like many things) never got round to it, so when I saw Jayne tweeting for guest bloggers, I thought “here’s your chance… try something different… give it a go…. Why not?!”

Now the hard decision, what to write about…. Here goes..

A little about me, since June 2013, I became an official member of Tone It Up; I have been slowly changing my lifestyle and could not thank K&K enough for coming into my life when they did. I joined just before the #BikiniSeries (which you all probably know about from Jayne’s fab check-ins and blogs) and was able to dive straight in with both feet and loved it. I found other girls who also looked forward to working out, ate clean and loved wearing workout clothes. A few months ago I was able to meet a couple of them, (we have been speaking daily through a WhatsApp group to keep us all accountable as a team) it was exciting (and slightly nerve racking at the same time) to finally meet & put names to faces, but once we said the hellos, it felt like we had been friends for years!

Now, however positive the Bikini Series was, once it finished, I found myself lacking motivation and simply found myself in what I call a 'Rut'.  I am sure we all at times find ourselves in it right?! I would like to share with you a few simple things that help me find the light so to speak, here goes …

When I cannot motivate myself to step on a treadmill and run, I book myself into a class at the gym. My favourites are by Les Mills - Body Attack & Body Combat in particular. Both are great cardio workouts and I don’t have to think of the routine, I just follow the instructor and push through, once I am in the class I have nothing else to do but push through the pain!! Half way through the class, I know I am back in the swing of things and always question “Why have I been away for so long?!” My Body Attack trainer says “Body Attack will never get easier! The more you train, the harder you will push because the fitter you will become!” Remembering that when you’re sweating your ass off is never the easiest thing mind. Have you tried out Les Mills? What is your favourite class to do at the gym?

The Tone It Up fall challenge is in full swing “Frisky Fall”, which couldn't come at a better time and with the craze at the moment being Insanity, some of us TIU UK girls are all taking part, starting 28th September, and finishing just in time for my birthday! It always helps being in a group to motivate each other as we all feel the same pain and struggles.

A little motivational thought for you - “It doesn't matter how you finish, as long as you are pushing through and reach the finish line / end goal.” It sure beats sitting on the sofa if you walk the last 2 minutes then sprinting hey?!

So after a great sweat session at the gym/home, what do I do as a “well done me for getting off the couch?” I take these simple three steps to beautify!!

To exfoliate, I am in love with St Ives body scrubs. They are made with 100% natural exfoliators, they cleans & exfoliate away dull dead cells from the skin's surface to instantly reveal the younger looking skin below. I'm always left with more refined and instantly soft & smoother skin. I also kind of think it is getting rid of the old me. Tip: You may want to use 2-3 times a week, with my skin (slightly sensitive) too much can make it too oily. What is your go to exfoliating product?

With nails, I go through fazes. A French manicure however, always makes me feel healthy and gives my nails a boost. Once they are painted, I seem to stay away from biting them whilst doing the day job. I swear by Sally Hansen, and my go to French manicure set is this one. TIP: To get a straight line tip, try dipping a cotton bud in nail varnish remover and swiping it across to get a neat tip after apply the white varnish, extra tip is to use a good nail varnish remover that allows you to swipe easily rather than rubbing, I recommend this one.

And last but not least - tanning. Especially in winter! I honestly believe a tan picks up everyone’s mood; it certainly does me, I instantly feel happier, and look healthier with a glow. I have used most self-tanners, but one I have stuck too since it came out is the gorgeous Lauren’s Way, brought to you by Lauren Goodger from TOWIE. Seriously guys the hype on Twitter is real, it is that good. The whole range is velvety, odourless and dries instantly, so not only does that mean no waiting around for hours in the winter when it is freezing cold, but also the boyfriend won’t moan that you smell like a cookie. I have personally tried all of them, but my go to is Glam Tan for the weekends, as I find it slightly darker, or I tend to use the Medium mousse for a week day pick me up. My last tip for you when tanning is to invest in this amazing product by St Tropez, tan remover! I use this religiously when I have finished tanning, 1 pump onto my hand and then rub together. If your tan has soaked through your mitt (yes even the most frequent tanners have this happen to them) this is a dream product to instantly remove it. Have you tried Lauren’s Way tan, what is your go to tan?

What other hints and tips do you have to share? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you all for reading my guest blog, I cannot wait to find out what Jayne has got up to when she returns, and the other guest bloggers she has too.

Please feel free to say hi on twitter and instagram, I can be found at @MissDonah on both.

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