Yoga In Progress // Dancers Pose

Happy Tuesday! Hasn't it got colder? All I want to do when I get home in the evening is to put on my pyjamas and drink tea! I do like this time of year though as Christmas is getting closer. 
Today I thought I would share with you some pictures of my progress in dancers pose. Now to give you an idea of where I actually started - three months ago I could not reach my leg up that high at all! I just practised slowly, listening to my body and stretching a little bit further each time. It took my a while to straighten my standing leg as well. 
This quote from Rachel Brathen really struck a chord with me today so I felt it needed to be shared ~
This moment is a perfect opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. Every moment is. Wherever you are, whatever you are going through... You are here for a reason. Don't turn your back on life - face it head on with open eyes and an open heart. What do you need to do to bring love into the situation you are in? There is always a way. Invite love. Breathe. Grow. Serve your purpose, and your purpose will serve you.