Fitness // Half Marathon Training Week Two

Well week two of my training has gone surprisingly well. It was my first week of getting up at 6am to walk to the gym and hit the treadmill, I will admit it was tough getting up but once I was awake I was fine. The gym was pretty quiet with only a few early birds getting their booty call in like me ;) 
This week my training plan had three 4.5 mile runs scheduled for me. Running on the treadmill was a lot different to running outside as there are no obstacles to tackle like dogs, cars and old people but once I got the hang of it it was fine. The machines work in kilometres which for someone who has always worked in miles it is a bit of a challenge to try to convert things, especially that early in the morning! For my first two runs my Nike app worked great, I am faster on the treadmill than outside as expected. However, I had a bit of a slower run on Saturday morning as my Nike app decided to play up so I had to go back down to a walk a couple of times to try and get it to work, eventually I gave up and just judged the distance by the machine. I am hoping that my app will work tomorrow!  
Legs are feeling strong and I can feel that my stamina is increasing. Yoga certainly helps...
After watching Catching Fire yesterday I have decided that this week in training I will be channelling my inner Katniss ~ fit, calm, confident and deadly with a bow! Goodness knows I'll need the inspiration during my 5 mile treadmill run on Monday morning. I do miss running outside so hopefully I can get out for my long run next weekend. 
Have a healthy and happy week! Let me know in the comments what workouts you have planned :)