Lush Christmas // Cinders Bath Bomb

As you will know if you read my Snow Fairy Body Wash post Christmas is my favourite time of year for Lush products. Now that the evenings are dark and the nights are chilly we are firmly into what I call 'bath season'. There is something relaxing about taking a hot, lovely smelling bath while the rain pours down outside!
Cinders is by far my favourite bath bomb, so much so that on my trip to Lush on Saturday I made sure to pick up two. Cinders just smells like Christmas to me ~ cinnamon and spice and all things nice! It is also quite a reviving scent. The red speckles are popping candy which is supposed to pop and crackle when you put it in the bath, I think I have only actually seen one of these do this so don't be surprised if yours doesn't.
You can pick up Cinders from Lush for £2.45. Perfect for a little treat!
This is not a sponsored post.