Lush Christmas // Snow Fairy Body Wash

Christmas is my favourite time of the year for Lush products so this year I thought I would share with you are few of my favourites. If you are a Lush fan I am sure you have heard of Snow Fairy Shower Gel. I must confess that I hadn't tried it myself until this year but I am in love!
The product has a lovely shimmery glitter running through it and smells just like candy floss. This is a super sweet scent which I don't usually go for but it this case and I drawn to it. The smell lingers on your skin afterwards leaving you smelling sweet all day long. You only need a small amount of product as it lathers up well with a shower puff. The scent might seem a little over powering at first if you smell it from the bottle but I can assure you it is subtle once used!
I will be making another trip to Lush before Christmas is over to purchase the largest bottle of Snow Fairy as I can find! This body wash is limited edition and only around for Christmas so be sure to pick one up before they all go.
You can buy Snow Fairy at Lush online or in store for £3.50/100g, £6.85/250g or £10.95/500g.
This is not a sponsored post.