Photo Diary // London

A couple of weekends ago Matt, Elaine and I took a trip to London to see Above and Beyond play at the Alexandra Palace. They were amazing! If you like dance music I am sure you have heard of them, if not give them a try and see what you think. I am currently listening to their podcasts on my half marathon training runs, just the right tempo for running! 
We also did a little bit of shopping (hello Victoria's Secret!) and some sightseeing. As we were staying in Kensington we decided to (Elaine and I begged Matt to let us) take a trip to the infamous Bluebird Cafe in Chelsea. Unfortunately we didn't run into any made In Chelsea stars but we did have a super yummy lunch! Here are a few photos from our trip...
Where are your favourite places to visit when you are in London?
Thank you to Elaine & Matt for most of the photos!