Shock Absorber // The Importance of a Sports Bra

A good sports bra is an essential part of your running kit (if you are female that is!) and sometimes it is under estimated how important it is. Now I am not blessed with anything huge in the boob department but no matter what your size making sure that you wear the correct sports bra for your activity is important. There is nothing worse then heading out for a run and half way down the road you are suffering from a bit of bounce. For some women this can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing.

To address this challenging issue, Shock Absorber is on a quest to combat bounce and has created a unique tool called the Bounce o Meter. A 3D visual demonstration of breast movement informed by scientific research and lab videos, the tool allows women to adjust the breast size and level of activity for a clear representation of the impact their chosen exercise may have on their breasts. Women can then easily find the best Shock Absorber bra for them to ensure they are supported at all times.

Shockingly 35% of women have admitted to not wearing a sports bra while exercising. No matter what size you are you need to make sure to wear a sports bra while exercising ~ yes even in yoga! Not wearing one can cause your breasts to sag and lets face it, no one wants that. It can also cause tension and strain in your upper back and neck. By wearing a Shock Absorber sports bra you can reduce breast bounce and discomfort allowing you to get the most out of your workout.

I used to be put off buying Shock Absorber sports bras as they didn't come in cute colours but I have since discovered that the Ultimate Run Bra comes in this amazing blue and pink version! It's super cute!

"You don't need diet pills, slimming drinks or workout gadgets. All you need are running shoes, a sports bra and determination!"

This is not a sponsored post. The Shock Absorber bra was sent to me for my consideration.