Fitness // Half Marathon Training Week Five

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Well this past week has certainly been busy. Christmas works parties, running, yoga, work, rushing around Tesco trying not to kill people on a Saturday afternoon and two hours spent Christmas present wrapping on a Friday night! The run up to Christmas can be really hectic that's why it's important to look after yourself as well so that you don't burn out. This week I have found that if I am not feeling like running on the day my run is scheduled it's okay not to run. That's how I felt on Saturday, my heart just wasn't in it so I took some time to do some yoga instead. On Sunday I felt refreshed and got in my 7.5 mile run. Make sure to listen to your body and don't push yourself too hard.

Yoga class on Friday night was amazing, a really great class which pushed me in the right way. It was challenging and I felt like I have really progressed since attending classes on a regular basis. Handstand practice at home has also been going well!

The one thing I need to incorporate more into my routine again is my Tone It Up routines with my hand weights. I am hoping that I can find a way to fit this into my schedule once the Love Your Body series starts on January 1st. I think it's good to cross train by doing a variety of things rather than just running or another type of cardio all the time. Your body works best by keeping those muscles guessing!

So going into my sixth week of training I am currently feeling a little under the weather as I have caught a cold. Very unlike me! So I am hoping that I will feel well enough to fit in a run in the morning. Let me know how your week is going in the comments :)