Fitness // Half Marathon Training Week Three

Happy December! Christmas is on it's way and I have been super organised this year, I have almost finished my Christmas shopping. Tomorrow we are heading to the Bath Christmas market as we have the day off work so hopefully I will pick up the last presents there. It feels so strange but good to be organised! 
This week I tackled the longest run I have done for a while ~ 7.5 miles! I surprised myself with both my pace and how good it felt. I didn't take any water with me as usual I just made sure I was properly hydrated before I went. I truly believe that if you have fuelled yourself with good foods and hydrated you won't need much during the race. At least, that's the way my body works! I have been trying out Gluco* natural energy tablets however and I think they are pretty great. I had one around the 5 mile mark for a bit of extra energy. They are great because they are totally free of any artificial nastiness! My feet have also held up this week, no blisters - Yay :)
I am finding the treadmill runs a little boring but I really feel the benefit of the extra training on my long run yesterday and it felt so good to be outside! To keep me amused on the treadmill I have been listening to the Above and Beyond podcasts which are free to download and packed full of upbeat dance music. Thanks to Matt for suggesting this to me! 
I have also taken two yoga classes this week. If you have tight legs and muscles I highly recommend the importance of yoga, stretching and foam rolling to keep your muscles healthy, loose and injury free. We had a new teacher on the Friday yoga class and she was amazing. I really felt like I connected with her style of practice and I know I can learn a lot from her. With a lot of focus and determination I held crow pose in this class for the longest time yet and my arm felt strong and with no pain. If you don't know I have metal plates in my right arm so I have to be careful sometimes but yoga has really helped to strengthen it. 
Have a wonderful week and if you have any music recommendations for my training let me know in the comments!