Lush Christmas // Star Light, Star Bright

Star Light, Star Bright is one of the newest Lush Christmas editions. I love stars and basically anything sparkly so I had to give it a go. Star Light, Star Bright is a bath melt which tend to be a bit more luxurious than the bubble bars or bath bombs and they leave your skin feeling super soft and nourished.
Firstly this bath melt is super messy, even just picking it up in the shop involved leaving glitter everywhere! So be careful or you'll end up looking like a Christmas fairy! The light citrus scent is pleasant and quite mellowing. I wasn't expecting a citrus scent for a Christmas edition but it's a nice change to all the cinnamon.
Once you pop it in your bath the silver shimmer melts away to reveal a inner base of cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut, lime, ginger and lavender oils. Basically everything your skin will love! As it melts a green/ blue core emerges leaving your water what I would call a 'mermaid green'.
A lovely treat for yourself or as a stocking filler ~ you can purchase the Star Light, Star Bright bath melt online or in store for £3.30.

This is not a sponsored post.