Fitness // Half Marathon Training ~ Running for Fun

On Friday night when I was waiting for class to start I got chatting to a lady about running. We talked about training for Bath Half Marathon and she was explaining to me how she was just building back up her stamina after recovering from an injury. She said with a passion you could see in her eyes 'I love it' about running that it got me thinking. I don't love running with that kind of enthusiasm, I enjoy it, I love being in the outdoors and I like the challenge of training for a half marathon but I wouldn't say I love it. Lately I have noticed I am running because I have to. I have to train, I have to get in the distance but I don't look forward to it. 
This morning as I was waiting for my breakfast to digest before I headed out the door Matt was setting off for his run. I wanted to go with him, cheer him on with his training and run for fun again. Somewhere along my half marathon journey I have lost that element of running which I do love ~ running because I can and because it's fun. I want to try to regain that after completing my half marathon. Nothing should be a chore. 
I also realised while chatting to the lady on the yoga mat next to me that my passion, my love is yoga. I love the freedom, I love the flow, I love the challenge and I love the feeling I get when I go a little bit deeper into a asana (pose). Yoga is what I love, yoga is what inspires me. So I have made a pact with myself to go to both yoga classes next week and my running can fit around those, not the other way around. 
'Today I will do what inspires me and I trust that the universe supports me.' ~ Gabrielle Bernstein, Spirit Junkie.