How to Wear Your Hair at the Gym

Left: Me // Right: Kaley Cuoco from Big Bang
When I drag myself out of bed at 6am in order to fit in a early morning gym session I'll be honest, the last thing on my mind is my hair. What every girl wants is to keep your hair fresh at the gym and for it not to be in your face. 
I used to wear ponytails most of the time but then the ends would get sweaty from rubbing on my back. Ew, no. So recently I have been sporting a super high topknot or ballerina bun to keep my hair off my face. I secure it with a few hair pins and maybe a cute headband. Easy Peasy! That way to don't always have to wash your hair after the gym, which is especially good if you are in a rush to get to work. 
When I get home from my workout I immediately shower then take my hair down. I freshen it up using some dry shampoo ~ my favourite is Batiste ~ and brush it out. 
What's your favourite way to wear your hair to the gym?