Fitness // Bath Half Marathon ~ Almost there!

Hey all! Is it Thursday already? I meant to get this post up sooner this week but between being busy and being poorly I haven't had chance. I was hit with stomach flu last night, four days before race day, and it just knocked it out of me. I slept through the worst of it last night and although I'm feeling brighter today my appetite is still low and so I'm feeling a bit weak. Hopefully I will feel a lot better tomorrow!
Last week was good, I am enjoying the tapering and letting my body recover. I felt strong on my five mile run on Sunday and I got to try out my new hat! Yay! Trainers are broken in and I have had no problems with my feet since I got them. It just goes to show you that the right pair of trainers pays off! 
Race day nerves are starting to kick in a little but I'm motivated by all the fantastic donations people have made so far! I have a lot more on it's way through sponsor forms as well. I am running in aid of The Katie Piper Foundation and if you are feeling generous (it's just been pay day after all!) you can donate via my Just Giving page