Fitness // February Yoga Challenge Week One

 1) Handstand prep 2) One legged headstand (tripod variation) 3) Tripod headstand
4) handstand kick up 5) Bhujapidasana 6) Koundinyasana B
7) Crow Pose / Bakasana 
So while I am waiting for the rain to clear so I can head out for Sunday Runday I thought I would put together my photos from the first week of the yoga Instagram challenge I am taking part in. 
The hashtag for this challenge is #InversionsMakeYouHot and it's a fun challenge full of inversions and arm balances. I'm not going to lie, some poses are easier for me than others but it's fun to get out of your comfort zone sometimes and try something new! Headstands are something which I am currently working on and although they no longer scare me I am still a little apprehensive when practising them. I much prefer handstands and forearm stands. The key is to be mindful in your practice and take care to know your edge. 
Day six for Koundinyasana B was a huge challenge for me because up until then I couldn't do side crow let alone that crazy move above. It's not perfect and I know that my legs need to be straighter but for someone with notoriously tight hamstrings this was a huge achievement for me. 
Don't forget that when exploring new poses you need to make sure to warm up properly first. I usually practice a flow of whatever feels right for about 30-45 minutes before attempting anything new to me. 

You can follow along on Instagram with me ~ @jaynebecca. Have a fun Sunday!