Fitness // February Yoga Challenge Week Two

8) Fallen Angel 9) Half Handstand 10) Pincha Mayurasana / Forearm Stand
11) Shouldstand 12) Tittibhasana / Firefly 13) Eka Hasta Bhujasana
14) Forearm Stand with Eagle Legs
This week has been a fun one for the instagram challenge, again a couple of asanas which I haven't tried before but it's always fun to try new things! My favourites by far are handstand and forearm stands. Day eight was fallen angel which was a challenge it itself as I had only achived my first side crow a couple of days ago. My legs aren't perfect but it's actually quite a peaceful pose once you know how to get in it. There is a video of my entry and exit for this pose up on my Instagram page if you are interested! 
Firefly is a pose which I have wanted to try out for so long so this challenge was a great excuse to do just that. My hamstrings are super tight at the moment due to the amount of running I am doing and also the fact that I have a desk job. I need to work on opening these up so I can eventually straighten my legs in this pose. 
I hope that you all got out and enjoyed the sunshine if you are in the UK. I don't think it's going to be around for long! I took full advantage by fitting in my 10 mile run first thing in the morning and then heading to the beach for the afternoon :)
If you missed it here is a link to week one (days 1-7) of the yoga challenge.