Fitness // Half Marathon Training ~ 10 miles!

Happy Monday everyone. I can't believe that I am only two weeks away from race day. My training has gone by faster than I thought it would and looking back at my Asics training plan I haven't done a bad job at sticking to it. Save missing a couple of longer runs due to blistered feet I'm proud that I have got through the hardest part of the training. This week sees the start of 'tapering off' before race day. 

I was so happy that on Sunday we got some sunshine at long last! This meant that I was looking forward to heading out for my long run and enjoying it. I kept it steady to make sure that I could reach the distance injury free. I ran 10 miles in 1 hour 32 minutes which I was really pleased with. I actually shaved 16 minutes off my time from my first 10 mile run two years ago!
Last week I suffered a little the for two days after my 9 mile run and I knew that it was my own fault for not stretching out my hamstrings enough before and after my run. So this week I made sure to stretch it out with yoga before and after running. We also headed to Weston-Super-Mare for the afternoon to enjoy the sunshine so walking and handstands on the beach certainly helped! 
I am looking forward to the two weeks of 'tapering' which effectively means reducing the mileage and intensity of training in order for the body to recover for race day. With a little bit of race pace training in there for good measure! 
I am running Bath Half for the Katie Piper Foundation and I would love your support no matter how large or small. You can find my Just Giving page here