Fitness // Half Marathon Training ~ 9 miles!

Well I was supposed to write this post last night but I started playing the newest Tomb Raider game on Matt's X-Box and well two hours had past before I knew it. Well, the girl gamer in me has to come out sometimes!

Last week was such a great week for my half marathon training, everything felt great. I began the week by slowly breaking in and testing out my trainers with a steady three mile run and built up both distance and speed throughout the week. I was really pleased with my speed for both my four and five mile runs ~ around the 8:45 per minute pace.

Then came Sunday.... As you will know if you live in the UK we have had nothing but rain for the past month and a half. So it came at no surprise that on Sunday when I was planning my long run it was raining. I waited for a break in the cloud and headed out before I had chance to think about it too much! About three miles in the heavens opened and I was soaked by rain, then the hail stones started. Ouch! I could have took a turn back towards home but I gritted my teeth and kept on running. Finally the rain stopped, the clouds cleared and the sunshine came out from behind the clouds and I was so glad that I hadn't given up. I took this as a sign to keep on pushing despite the wind in my face. I got a second wind seven miles into my run and I knew that I would be about to make nine miles as planned and I finished with a huge happy smile on my face! Nine miles at a 9:12 per mile pace in wind, hail and rain ~ yep I'll take it!

The best part was that my feet were blister free, no foot sore and no sore knees! Success for new trainers. I am so happy with them and it was more than worth making the effort to get my feet looked at properly. I'd highly recommend going and getting your feet assessed if you run regularly and haven't done this already.

I've had two days rest but I'm ready to head to the gym tomorrow for a three mile run heading into my last three weeks of training before the race. This weekend will be my last long run so lets hope the weather plays nice!