Beauty // My Current Hair Care Favourites

Whoa it's been a little while since I wrote a beauty post so I thought it was about time to update you on a few products I have been loving lately. The Batiste is an old favourite but the others are recent discovery's for me.
Batiste Dry Shampoo / This product is a must have for me. I used to have to wash my hair every single day without fail or I wouldn't feel clean. This may sound odd to some people but it was just one of those things for me. One of the first blogs I started reading was Veronika's Blushing and her hair care routine post got me thinking about my own. So I stopped washing my hair every day... at first it was hell. My second day hair was greasy and disgusting, simply because my hair had got so used to being washed everyday it was over producing oil - hence the grease! Once I got past the grease stage my hair has never been better. As a general rule I wash it every two to three days, depending on how sweaty I get down at the gym! When my hair needs a refresh dry shampoo is my saviour. I have tried many cheaper brands and supermarket own brands but for me nothing works as good as Batiste.
Lee Stafford Argan Oil Dry Conditioner / I love Lee Stafford hair products for a bit of a treat and when I saw this dry conditioner I had to try it out. As a blonde I have my hair highlighted every 16 weeks and as such the ends can get dry and damaged. This dry conditioner is a great way to inject some moisture into my hair between washes. I use it in conjunction with my dry shampoo and spray it into the ends of my hair and then brush through. It smells lovely and makes my frazzled ends (you know that twisted frizzy hair you get from wearing it in a topknot?) sleek and smooth.
Aldi Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner / I have my boyfriend to thank for this bargain find - 65p each! We do the majority of out food shopping in Aldi as you can't beat their fruit and veg prices and I had asked Matt to pick up a new shampoo and conditioner for me. I asked for coconut if possible (obsessed with coconut everything right now!) and 'whatever is on offer' thinking he would pick up something in Tesco when he popped in for my almond milk. He returned with these. I thought I would give them a go and if they were rubbish 65p was okay. How wrong was I? This shampoo and conditioner are amazing for the price, they smell amazing and they leave my hair feeling clean, full of volume, soft and shiny. What more can you ask for!
What are your current hair care favourites?
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This is not a sponsored post. All products were bought with my own money.