Fitness // February Yoga Challenge Week Four

23) Grasshopper 24) Handstand half lotus 25) Baby Bakasana 
26) Headstand to Side Crow 27) Straddle Handstand 28) Bakasana with toe taps

22) Headstand float down
Hello lovely readers! I have had the last two days as holiday from work following Bath Half marathon on Sunday. It was a great atmosphere on the day and I got round in one piece! There will be a full post about my day and my race day tips tomorrow so check back. 
Last week was the final week of the #InversionsMakeYouHot Instagram challenge. I was a bit poorly half way through last week so I played catch up on Friday. I have learnt that I need to work on my hamstrings now that Bath Half is over I can work on lengthening them for straighter legs in arm balances (like grasshopper pose above) and standing balances. For some reason I really struggle with this, I have improved so much from where I originally started though. 
I have loved the handstand variations again this week and really feel that my handstands have improved so much this month from almost daily practice. I also faced my fear with headstands and I can hold one pretty well now, I just need to work on the transitions in and out of the pose. The headstand float down is a great challenge and a fab core workout. I will be incorporating this into my yoga flows where I can. 
For March I am working on my sun salutation variations, handstands (of course) and standing balances. Let me know what you're working on!