Fitness Update & a Taking a Leap of Faith

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday :) We bought a new car at the weekend, woohoo! It is a Volkswagen Scirocco 2 litreTDI GT for any car buffs out there. I am excited to drive it but also a little bit nervous as I have not driven anything that powerful before. We shall see how I get on with it, I know Matt is going to have great fun playing with it! However, enough about cars... today I wanted to share with you a fitness update.

Since completing the Bath Half Marathon I have given myself a bit of a running break. Goodness knows I needed it! I have been running once a week with Matt to get him fitter :) It's always more fun to run with friends I think. This weekend myself, Matt & Elaine all took part in the Sports Relief run which was really fun. We had decided to run the 3 mile distance as both Matt and Elaine are beginners with running so it's the perfect challenge to start with. I was so proud of both of them as they ran the whole way, with a little encouragement from me!

As I have not been race training I have taken the opportunity to add even more yoga into my routine. I try to practice everyday even if it is just 15-20 minutes. I think it is important to take the time to stretch out your body and relax your mind. I'm working on a few arm balances and inversions and I can feel myself getting stronger. I am planning on posting a weekly yoga pose on the blog explaining the benefits of the asana and a tutorial so watch this space!

I am also super excited to tell you all (if you haven't guessed or read my instagram) that I am going to be taking my Yoga Teacher Training certification this year. If you live in Bristol or nearby watch out for classes coming your way! I am hoping to be able to share my own experiences to be able to inspire others. Yoga has benefited my life in so many ways and I am excited to be able to spread the light. I am taking a leap of faith and pursuing what I love... Make sure to keep up to date with my blog for updates and launch of my website!