Oh She Glows Cookbook Review

This book has become my food bible, seriously it has! The Oh She Glows Cookbook is the long awaited first book of Oh She Glows blogger Angela Liddon. I am a huge fan of her blog so needless to say I had the cookbook pre ordered months ago! When it landed on my doorstep my initial reaction was that there were so many recipes I wanted to try out, that's always a good sign.
The recipes in the book are delicious, wholesome, meat lover and boyfriend approved. The recipes are easy to follow and I loved the details and photos throughout. The book begins with a 'natural food pantry' section which I found really helpful when I was looking what I already had in my store cupboard and what I then needed to purchase. There are over 100 recipes in the book and are well balanced throughout. Each recipe also has a little intro which I adore. Angela's personality really shines through in this book.
If you are looking at adding more vegan meals into your diet I highly recommend picking up this book. I'm not vegan but I do tend to eat more vegetarian dishes and I am loving exploring new recipes through this book. I am looking forward to getting a new blender (yes it has been a long time coming, I am hoping SOON!) so that I can try out the smoothie and juice recipes.
You can buy the Oh She Glows Cookbook for £12.50.

This is not a sponsored post.