Tutorial Thursday // Dancers Pose ~ Natarajasana

Hang in there it's almost Friday! Today I am sharing with you a breakdown of one of my favourite yoga poses ~ Dancer's Pose. I am still working on becoming deeper in the back bend but it is a very accessible pose for everyone. Free your hips, open your heart and breathe in the balance.

  • Inhale to up Tadasana, mountain pose.
  • Take your left elbow to your left hip.
  • Grab the inside of your left foot and press your foot back into your left hand. Allow this movement to take you forward into a back bend.
  • Find a spot to focus on. It will help you balance.
  • Keep pushing your foot into your hand. This will lock the pose.
  • Try to drop your tailbone down to release your lower back. 
  • Slowly come back up and release. Shake it out!
  • Repeat on the opposite side.
  • Take a step back and release into downward dog. 
Make sure that your back and hips are open and warmed up before attempting this pose :) Have fun and don't forget to smile. 
Speaking of fun I had a go at filming a time lapse video yesterday morning. An hours yoga transformed into 4 minutes!