Five Motivational Fitness Apps

One of the most common questions I am asked is 'How do you find the motivation to keep going on your health and fitness journey?' ~ Motivation is what gets you started, habit is what keeps you going ~ From time to time I do lack a little in the motivation department, don't we all! So when I need a little push these are my five favourite health and fitness apps to get me out of bed in the morning and down to the gym.

1. Nike+ Running
This was the first app I downloaded as soon as I got myself a smart phone. It is so simple to use, it uses GPS to track your run, measures your distance and pace and gives you a little map at the end. I highly recommend this app if you are new to running as well as you can set up reminders in the calender to motivate you to get in your run that day.
2. Tone It Up
The Tone It Up app is the perfect app to receive daily motivation and workouts. It has recently had a big face lift too which makes it oh so pretty and easier to use. The app includes a daily workout, a video library for workouts at the gym and on the go (yep you can fit a workout in on your weekend away, no excuses!), K&K will send text messages directly to your phone and you can stay accountable by having access to the Tone It Up community forums wherever you are!
3. Yogify
I love this app! If you are just starting yoga and want to try some at home routines without having to crane your neck to see a video then this is the app for you. It has routines of three different levels from beginner to advanced working on different poses and strengths. If you feel like you just need a good stretch in the evening you can pick a Flexibility routine or if you want to work on some arm balances chose a Strength routine. The routines range from 15 minutes to an hour so you can always get your yoga in.
4. Spotify
Not technically a fitness app but everyone knows that music is motivational right? I have recently discovered the Spotify app which is free to use if you are okay with the odd advert here and there. I follow different playlists which I pop on my phone according to what activity I am doing. For yoga I have found I focus more if I have some music on in the background and I love Rachel Brathen's playlists.
5. Instagram
Again, not a fitness app as such but an app which I find highly motivational and inspirational for both fitness and clean eating. Not only can I hold myself accountable by posting my workouts, meals and yoga poses I am working on but I can browse other peoples photos and find some inspiration along the way. My current favourite fitness and health accounts to follow at the moment are; Madeleine Shaw ~ health foodie and yoga enthusiast; Lola Berry ~ nutritionist, author and yoga teacher; Rachel Brathen ~ beach bum, world traveller and yoga teacher and Oh She Glows ~ author of my personal food bible and blogger.
Health and fitness apps are really useful tools which we can use in our daily lives to communicate, motivate and inspire. If you are on the look out for a new phone to use all these snazzy apps on check out Virgin Media Mobile. You can inspire others and keep your motivatation to lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.
Do you use fitness apps? Let me know which ones in the comments below.
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