Gym Confidence

Happy Sunday everyone. I started my day with a slow flow yoga class at my local gym and it got my thinking about how I used to never want to step foot in a gym class or even the gym itself. I was shy, I was self concious, I was paranoid that everyone would think that I didn't know what I was doing! Roll forward to now and you'll find me in the gym working my booty off and taking classes. Chatting and smiling to strangers and giving encouragement to newcomers. I totally understand how daunting it can be stepping into a new place ~ believe me I have been there ~ so I thought I would share some tips to get past the fear and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

+Don't worry about what other people are thinking
It is human nature to think that people are going to be looking at you but believe me when I say that they are far too focused on what they are doing themselves to worry about you. If you are heading into the gym plan which machines you are going to use and focus on your own workout. In a class think about your own form and push yourself to your own limits, don't worry if the girl on the other side of the room is holding a headstand for five minutes ~ focus on you!

+Wear something cute
I'm sure I am not alone when I say that cute gym clothes motivate me! Wear something comfortable which makes you feel confident ~ whatever works best for you. In the gym I like to wear tight skinny sports leggings, a bright sports bra and a loose vest top. Simple but it works for me. If I am in a yoga class however I love my Teeki yoga leggings as they are fun and bright!

+Buddy up
Classes can seem less daunting if you go with a friend. It's always fun to try something new and even more fun to giggle about it with a friend. Do you have a friend that needs a bit of motivation? Drag them along, trust me they will thank you for it!

+Take the gym orientation
Much like the first day of school stepping into a gym and seeing all those confusing looking machines can be daunting. However, gyms will offer and orientation/ induction with you to show you the machines and explain how they work. They are really useful because you will learn about the machines, where the free weights and stretching areas are and it will give you a good idea of where to start. You can also ask when they busiest gym hours are and questions about any fitness classes you are looking at attending.

Don't forget you are at the gym not only for your health but to have fun and maybe make some news friends. Smile, be friendly and approachable. You never know you might meet a new best friend!

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