A Green Smoothie a Day...

Hello! My this has been a busy week so far, I cannot believe it is Wednesday already. I was making a big batch of my favourite green smoothie tonight and thought I would share the recipe with you. 

I like to drink one green smoothie or juice a day simply because they make me feel so good! My digestion is improved, I am bouncing with energy, my skin is clearer ~ healthy and happy :) This is a basic recipe which I come back to time and time again, it's just so simple and delicious. 

~ 1 mango
~ A (very) generous handful of spinach
~ 1 tbsp of chia seeds
~ 2 cups of filtered or coconut water

Chop mango. Add spinach. Add chia seeds. Add water. Blend 'er up and bottoms up! You can also store your smoothie in an airtight glass jar for up to three days, mine however goes much faster than this. 

My blender is the Magimix Le Blender which came highly recommended by a friend and I cannot fault it. It's been worth every penny for a girl who uses it almost everyday.