Berlei Sport // No Sports Bra? No Sport!

When it comes to sports wear the top of the list of must haves is a decent sports bra. A sports bra is essential for gym, running, yoga, dance classes or anything else where your boobs may try to defy gravity!
When I first opened my package from Berlei my first reaction was 'oooh pretty!' because who doesn't love cute workout clothing? I love that the black and purple Fit Crop Top* has a cut out back. Not only is it cute but it provides coolness, comfort and it is breathable. The Berlei sports bras are sized in bra sizes so you know that your fit and support will be correct. I think it is very important to have a correctly fitting sports bra as it can help to prevent damage to your breasts, support you in the correct places and reduce movement by 83%. You can read more details about Berlei's No Sports Bra? No Sport campaign here.
Both the Fit Crop Top* and Move-X Crop Top* are made from soft, breathable fabric with adjustable straps at the back so you can adjust the fit to suit you. They keep everything in place and I just love that they look cute too! Overall I think that these are great sports bras, comfortable, reasonably priced (it looks like there's a sale on at the moment as well!) and they look great either under a loose tank or on their own.
You can find out more about Berlei, their products and prices by clicking here.