Om Yoga // Detox Tips for Spring

As we move into the warmer months there is often a focus on detoxing and getting 'bikini ready' for summer, especially if like me you had a few chocolate treats over Easter. This month OM Yoga Magazine contains an article on ten simple detox ideas to get your best body inside and out so I thought I would share my three favourite tips with you.

~ Water, water, water. It goes without saying really right? In Eastern traditions, water is very important and an inadequate water intake is attributed to a lack of chi (flowing energy) in the body. Water is crucial for our health in order to assimilate nutrients, for cellular oxygenation and to help flush toxins from the body. Water is important for all of this and more, it is part of our life force.

~ Think green. Now you know I love a green smoothie and the benefits are really endless. You will glow from the inside out. Green is the colour of the heart chakra and is equated with peaceful and harmonising emotions. Green foods are known to enhance the health of the liver and assist in opening up its detoxification pathways. Chlorophyll which is found in plants is almost identical in composition to human blood (amazing, right?) and is also known as 'liquid sunshine'. Rich green leaves such as spinach and kale, green vegetables, wheatgrass juice and fresh green vegetable juice is an essential part to any detox or health programme.

~ Release what no longer serves you. This is a phrase which I first came across during my yoga practice and it is a mantra which I tell myself on almost a daily basis. Detoxification means to let go and release. What is it that no longer serves you? Food, drink, addictive patterns, toxic relationships. In letting go of these things we open the space to welcome in the new and appreciate living NOW in the moment. To live a life full of joy, creativity and happy moments. So let it go.

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