Guest Post // Five Reasons Kettle-Bells are Amazing

Hello everyone, I’m Maya and I blog over at Superfoodbabe where I share my passion for fitness, fun, food and fashion. While Jayne is busy sunning herself in California (omg!) I am guest posting here on her awesome blog!
Today I am sharing five reasons why you should incorporate kettle-bells into your workouts!
They burn a ton of calories!
Training with kettle-bells has been shown to blast up to 20 calories A MINUTE. That means in just a 10 minute workout you can burn up to 200 calories. But best of all you will be a fat burning machine all day as kettle-bells help build muscle and can act as a form of HIIT training. 
You can incorporate super fun and functional exercises.
Exercises like the kettle-bell swing, goblet squat and kettle-bell deadlift are fantastic for improving your functional fitness making everyday tasks much easier. Also move like the wind-mill and Turkish get-up are so fun you won’t even feel like you are working out!
They provide an amazing workout in a short space of time.
Kettle-bells provide strength training, cardio, balance, flexibility and agility all in one fast paced workout so you are free to get on with your day.
Once you get one you have it for life.
Seriously those things are unbreakable.
Kettle-bells have been shown to improve posture, lower resting heart rate, increase insulin sensitivity and much more.   
There are tons of studies you can check out online but basically kettle-bells have been shown to improve all sorts of risk factors for disease so you will be standing tall, loving life and being healthy for many long years of your life to come.
Hope you enjoyed finding out more about kettle-bells and be sure to check out my blog for more fitness and healthy food musings!

Have you ever incorporated kettle-bells into your fitness routine?