Om Yoga // Yoga Teacher Training ~ Student Survival Guide

Happy June! Nothing like a few backbends in the garden to say hello to June. This weekend has been spent doing a lot of yoga and packing for our holiday. I am so excited and I cannot wait to share it with you all when I get back. This week while flipping through OM Yoga Magazine and the yoga teacher training guide I came across the 'Student Survival Guide'. I found this article really helpful so if you are thinking about doing your yoga teacher training but are unsure where to start make sure to pick up the magazine! Practice being a good student. Teacher training is a path of learning, not only teaching techniques but self knowledge and exploration. I am undertaking the 200hr Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training with Mercedes Ngoh who says ~ 'The greatest yoga teachers aren't the ones who know the most, but rather the ones who know themselves the best. They are the ones who offer what they know about this amazing discipline without apology or agenda and share their knowledge with authenticity, passion, levity and connection. The difference between being a mechanical instructor (teaching from the head) and a magical guide (teaching from the heart) comes down to how much a teacher feels in tune with their own being, purpose and how comfortable they are in their own skin.' Yoga is a lifestyle, a never ending journey.  Yoga can be gentle, it can be sweaty, it can be hard and it can be suprising. Sometimes if you just breathe and don't think, the most amazing things can happen. Yoga teaches me to live in the present moment, to be okay at being 'just me'. It strengthens your mind, body and soul. Sometimes I fall, sometimes I fly but all the time I am loving the journey that is this huge thing called yoga.  I am going to drink in every breath of knowledge I can. Head out of my comfort zone and into the unknown. Practice, practice, practice and study, study study so that I can share my heart and knowledge with others.