A Yoga Sequence for Core Strength

Here's a yoga sequence for core strength you can do at home. The core is so important not only for our yoga practice (hello headstands!) but our day to day life as well. Many people complain of low back pain and it often stems from not having enough core strength. So if you suffer from low back pain or tend to have poor posture then this yoga sequence for core strength should help.

Tips for this sequence

Move slow, moving slower than you want to go will help you to build strength and control. Breathe 3-7 full deep breaths in each pose before moving onto the next. Keep the hips lifted when you are in side plank and push out of the bottoms of the feet. If you find it too much in plank or side plank you can modify by dropping down to the knees in plank pose and staggering the feet in side plank. Remember to allow yourself to become comfortable with the uncomfortable - find your edge and send your breath into any areas of tension. Be aware that you are staying within a pain free range.

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yoga sequence for core strength

Lets chat! Do you have any favourite poses for core strength? I also love a good boat pose.

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