Songs for Savasana

Did anyone else wake up today, look out the window and want to head back to bed? Yep that was me! I've had a super slow Monday while it's been drizzling outside. Doing chores and drinking coffee! Yes, it's been one of those kinda days. I've also been brainstorming a few blog ideas as my camera is currently out of action and I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite songs to use in savanasa. I get a lot of questions about the songs which I use in my classes. I usually have a couple of playlists on my phone (which I hook up to my minirig in class, best invention ever!) so I can swop the songs around and kinda DJ during the class! Teaching yoga is very organic and in the moment so I like to be able to shift the music to fit the mood. I play music in all of my classes, I think that music can be very powerful, music can heighten the senses and it often invokes memories inside us, old, new and present. For savasana I love using songs which do just this - I like to make the savasana a little longer than the song in order to dwell in the silence that follows after the music stops.

songs for savasana

PS - If you missed it you can find my latest yoga video here.

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