Catching Up and Lululemon Treats

Hello lovely blog readers! So I seem to have been a little out of the blogging and video filming loop lately and I'm okay with that. I've been teaching a lot of classes, looking after a poorly fiancé (I don't think I've ever seem him that unwell) and just generally living life. When I have had some downtime I have been so exhausted that I've been snoozing, doing yoga and taking much needed rest rather than sitting at the computer and filming videos. Sometimes life is like that right? Well Matt is back to work, my classes have gone back my my regular schedule and I'm feeling more rested so I'm coming back today with a little catch up post and to share some lovely Lululemon bits and pieces I have picked up recently! Here is a little update on a few things I have been working on recently.

Catching Up + Lululemon Treats - Jayne Becca Yoga

March Yoga Retreat

This is coming round fast, it's almost full (two spaces left - come along!) and the goodies for the swag bags have started the roll in! I have got some amazing brands on board and I cannot wait to share everything with you. If you like a bit of behind the scenes action be sure to stay tuned to my Instagram and Snapchat (both @jaynebecca). I'm going to be meeting up with Tracy (our raw food chef) next week to catch up and talk about the menu for the retreat, I can't wait!

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Travelling and Training

I'm also taking off to Amsterdam the weekend before the retreat for my Strala training which I am so excited about and so scared about at the same time. I've never flown by myself before. I think it will be so good for me to get out of my comfort zone though. I'm being brave! I'm looking forward to immersing myself in a weekend of yoga and being a student again. I think it's so so important to keep learning, growing, developing and attending regular yoga classes (even if you are a teacher). In my mind it makes you are better teacher, you can learn and grow from others and then pass this along to your students. I'm excited to start teaching Strala classes once I return back to Bristol and I'm on the hunt for a new venue!

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Resting and Downtime

As I mentioned above I have been teaching a lot recently. I haven't had a day off teaching since January and I am very much looking forward to Friday and Saturday this week as I'm not teaching any classes. As much as I love teaching I am very aware that there needs to be a balance between teaching and rest. In order to keep myself and my students inspired I need to look after myself. So during any space of downtime over the past few weeks I have been resting, watching countless episodes of The Big Bang Theory with Matt on Netflix and drinking a lot of Pukka tea! My yoga practice has been a mixture of slow + mindful and strong vinyasa + handstands because sometimes we just need to wring it all out and let go right.

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Lululemon Treats

If you know me then you are aware that I love my (very old) Lululemon Wunder Under Crops so before Christmas when I was in Bath I picked myself up a brand new pair of Wunder Under Hi-Rise leggings and I am seriously in love! I do need to take them back to the store to get them hemmed (complimentary hemming, short girls rejoice!) as they are a little on the long side but these leggings are seriously comfy, flatting, hard wearing and thick.

I recently taught a community class at the Lululemon Bath store and it was so much fun. I adore Lululemon as a brand I a love the community they are building in Bath. If you are ever in the area they run weekly free Saturday morning yoga classes so go and check them out! If you are not in the Bath/ Bristol area then check their website for your nearest store.

Two other items which I have recently picked out have been the Wild Tank which is perfect for both teaching and practicing. It has an in-build sports bra, loose top and a strappy bra which looks so cute! I'll make sure to wear it in my video this week so that you can see it in action. The second item was the Scuba Hoodie III - oh my gosh! I'm seriously living in this thing right now.

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I'll be back on Friday with a brand new yoga video and maybe something in between. I hope that you have an amazing week - as always comment below about everything and anything!

love + light