Flow & Grow - New Year Workshop

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flow and grow - new year workshop.jpg

Flow & Grow - New Year Workshop


The shift in seasons into the depths of winter and the new year is the perfect time to slow things down, reflect and find space. Join me for a two hour workshop where we will be slowing everything down through our yoga practice through a strala based flow to relax and create space.

We will begin by centring ourselves and writing down a few thoughts in our notebooks. We will then begin to move slowly and mindfully moving with the breath, beginning to create space in the body. We will then shift the focus to building up a natural heat in the body, moving in every direction and in a way that feels delicious, creating space in the body and mind. Then we will slow things down moving into a deep guided yoga nidra meditation – creating space in the body, mind and soul.

I will be sharing some of my favourite inspirational readings with you throughout the workshop and our flow will be sprinkled with aromatherapy throughout to aid in total relaxation. 

Join me for a creatively sequenced flow where you will -

  • find fluidity within your body and breath 
  • follow your intuition 
  • find your flow state
  • challenge your strength
  • create intentions for the upcoming season
  • help to develop tools you can use to deal with anxiety and stress

You will leave feeling inspired, refreshed and empowered!

Please bring -

  • a notebook and pen as we will be journaling and making notes throughout the workshop 
  • a yoga mat
  • a blanket 
  • an eye mask or headband to use as a blindfold
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