'Hi Jayne, I just wanted to write you a note to say thank you. I started Yoga during my time in Bristol and came to your Tuesday classes, I have now moved away with work. I had hoped to get one more session to say it in person but alas I couldn't squeeze it in.... I thought your classes were great and helped me find time for Yoga in my life which has made a massive difference managing injuries, which then in turn help me keep up my passion of running, which in turn makes me happy. not to mention other things that I hadn't accounted for such as practising handstands with my kids and being mentally healthier to mention a couple. So again thank you and I wish you every success in the future.' - SJ, Bristol and Somerset. 

'It was by chance that Jayne introduced vinyasa flow yoga to me  when she covered a class in my local gym in Kingswood. I liked it and I followed her to Bradley Stoke where she has a regular class on Sunday morning. I also tried her strala yoga class in Wilder street studio.

Jayne’s classes are innovative, fluid and playful. Never boring. She can conduct a multi-level class with ease. Whether I feel a bit tired and want to take it easy on the day or I have my warrior head on and want to push myself to the limit I can always choose from the wide range of options provided.  Jayne’s verbal instructions are clear, accurate and easy to follow even if I cannot see her from the back row. If you need help with any posture Jayne is never far away.

At the end of Jayne’s yoga classes I feel energized and a ton lighter in body and soul. I feel as if I could naturally say hello to strangers with a smile as random acts of kindness.

Jayne is a gem. She is approachable, warm-hearted and a loving person. I think about her  not only as my yoga teacher but also as a friend.

One more thing: Teaching yoga for Jayne is not merely a job or a profession. It is her LIFE. She IS walking the walk. That is what makes her a true, dedicated teacher.' - E.B, Bristol.

'Jayne's classes are fun with all due seriousness.  She has encouraged a respectful and gradual deepening in my once-fragile relationship with my body and its strengths/limitations. Expect to get sweaty and work deeply to the sound of cool vibes and the warmth of Jayne's naturally peaceful ambience.' - A.G, Bristol.

'Of all the yoga classes I've experienced I find Jayne's classes to always have a great mix of familiar flow / sequences mixed up with plenty of new variations each week, so the classes are never stale. Jayne adds in elements of challenge with fun, always offering variations for all levels, offering the opportunity to build your knowledge and exposure to a wide range of postures / asanas but at the same time only at a level you feel you need that day, great for beginners & the more experienced alike. Above all I find Jayne's classes to be heart felt & her passion and love for yoga and balance always genuine & inspiring.' - R.T, Bristol.

'A friendly class that offers time for movement, stillness, reflection & fun. Jayne gives out clear instructions for all her Asana's, and there's always options or modifications available for those who wish not to go so deep, and a helping hand with a smile is never far away.' - B.S, Bristol. 

'Still continuing to be amazed by the quality and variety of your classes Jayne! Such a life saver' - M.S, Bristol. 


'I just wanted to thank you so much for such a wonderful weekend. You organised it beautifully and I enjoyed each yoga and meditation session. The venue was perfect and we were looked after so well. Food was amazing, it was so nice to meet so many friendly people. I've come home refreshed and with an even greater passion for yoga.' - P.S, Derbyshire. 

'I just wanted to write and say thank you again so much for the wonderful yoga retreat, I feel very calm and serene after it!  Lovely venue and fellow yogis, and Tracy’s cooking was amazing and so creative. I was amazed to hear you had only been teaching for a year, you are a real natural to it, lovely style and I really enjoyed every minute.' - J.B. 

'I had such a fantastic time at the Jayne Becca Yoga retreat, it couldn't have been better or more relaxing! The yoga classes were brilliant and very well planned – I really enjoy Jayne’s fun and relaxed style of teaching, she gave me the confidence to try things I’d never usually feel able to do in my typical yoga practice. The meditation classes were also excellent and very calming.

The location Jayne chose for the retreat was beautiful; the accommodation was clean, stylish and comfortable and we had plenty of time between yoga classes to take walks around the rolling countryside that surrounded us or relax with a book in the comfortable rooms of the lodge. The yurt we used for our yoga classes was also beautifully decorated and made for a fantastic space to practice and meditate. There were also lovely yoga-themed gift bags for each of us to take home, which was such a nice surprise!

We were treated to delicious raw food meals during our time at the retreat, provided by the lovely Tracy, who not only made delicious, filling, wholesome foods but also took the time to explain to us how each dish was made and how beneficial the ingredients are for our bodies. The meals went really well with the well-being vibe of the retreat and gave me enough energy to take onto the yoga mat!

I left Jayne’s retreat feeling very well cared-for, relaxed and with a renewed passion for yoga, which is exactly what I was hoping to get from this weekend. I would definitely recommend Jayne’s retreats to my friends – I had such a brilliant time and wish I could return every week!' - K.S, London. 

'A belated thank you to Jayne and Tracy for making it feel like Summer.

Eat raw: It's rare to genuinely be able to taste original things today without it either costing an arm and a leg, or for it to need some mystical ingredient that can only be harvested on a full moon every fifth year with the wind blowing a certain direction. As a dedicated fruit & vegetable eater who has been thus far been unable to give up meat, I can honestly say that Tracy's delightful food preparations surprised me, in a good way, left me satisfied and opened my eyes to a new way of cooking and a new range of tastes. I'll be ordering Tracy's "cheese"cake for my brother-in-law, who's had a full blown dairy allergy since birth. I not much of a dessert person and always happy with ice-cream, but this was mmmmm mmmmmm.

Jayne's yoga: I love Jayne's classes, which can at times be a series of powerful flow movements to work up a nice heat and encourages you to have the confidence to try a little harder, without being pushed. As a previously dedicated Ashtanga yogi, I have found as I've become a little older (ahem) that practising Ashtanga repeatedly suits my body a little less. I find Jayne's classes a really nice tiny step down from this, but still with a level of quiet discipline and structure that I personally respond to well in my practice.

The yurt in Devon is such a beautiful indoors outdoors location to participate, with the floor pleasant underfoot and firm yet giving tiling placed on top of the wood. Nicely spaced for around 14 + Jayne and a lovely vibe.

Accommodation: The house has been very nicely converted and it is great to get back to affordable yet comfortable yoga retreat options. I shared a room with 2 others (lovely people) and for 2-3 nights it was more than adequate. Comfortable beds; clean, bright bathrooms and a characterful Devon dwelling. Admittedly, for a stay any longer it may be considered a little cosy if sharing space with people you do not know very well. If considering a stay in colder months, when people need to stay indoors for longer periods, the lounge areas may benefit from a little more relaxing seating, but I am sure this will be gradually improved in due course. The view across the valley is beautiful.

Overall, the weekend was superb; superb value, superb yoga and superb people.' - K.P.

'Thank you again for the wonderful retreat. It was so relaxing and the yoga classes were perfect. I wish you led classes in London!' - V.I, London. 

'This was my first yoga retreat and I was going solo, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I needn't have worried. Jayne and Tracy created a lovely atmosphere and the group were friendly, welcoming and tremendous fun. To sum the retreat up it was nourishing. From the incredible raw food through to the perfectly pitched yoga. Creatively sequenced, fun sessions that were skilfully tailored to the group. The gorgeous setting was the back drop to one of the loveliest weekends I've had in quite some time. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned yogi, these retreats are a safe bet. Just don't nick my spot!' - B.H, Cheltenham.